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Avenida Escazú, Tower 2, office #309

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Santus Fiduciaria is a Costa Rican firm formed by experienced and recognized professionals whose purpose is to provide fiduciary services in a serious and confidential manner to companies and individuals. Our practices include the creation and administration of trusts of all types: loans, administration, guarantee and testamentary trusts, as well as escrow agent services.

Our organization is well supported by the experience, responsibility and commitment offered to all our clients from the beginning of each process. Santus Fiduciaria’s main objective is to efficiently provide fiduciary services that guarantee our clients security, protection and satisfaction in relation to their acquisitions, wealth and money investments in general.

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Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm
Weekends: closed.


We are at Avenida Escazú, Tower 2, office #309.