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Our practices include the creation and administration of trusts of all types: loans, administration, guarantee and testamentary trusts, as well as escrow agent services.

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Santus Fiduciaria is a Costa Rican firm formed by experienced and recognized professionals whose purpose is to provide fiduciary services in a serious and confidential manner to companies and individuals.






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We specialize in

Administration Trust

Through this model, Santus Fiduciaria will function as the administrator of all types of movable, immovable and/or intangible assets, and will be in charge of enforcing the obligations under the contract.


Testamentary Trust

In this instance, part or all of the assets of those people who explicitly wish to express their last will and testament in favor of a specific Trustee are transferred.


Guarantee Trust

This is the fiduciary contract in which a debtor transfers to a trustee one or more assets to guarantee a credit in favor of a creditor.

Contract for the Management of Rentier Resident Funds

Through this type of contract, all those people who are applying for residency in Costa Rica in the Rentier/Investor modality will be able to make the guarantee deposit required by the General Directorate of Immigration and Foreigners (Dirección General de Migración y Extranjería) in an account with Santus Fiduciaria.


Escrow Agreement

This contract’s primary function is the intermediation of funds by a third party, Santus Fiduciaria, in this case; in which all parties trust and agree that it will execute the transfer of funds at the stipulated times according to the contract and the terms established therein to be fully complied with.

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 Santus Fiduciaria, although acting as a trust administrator, will never have absolute possession of the assets in its charge. At the end of the contract, the assets received will be returned to the settlor or to the agreed company as stipulated beforehand in the contract.



The parties involved in trust-related inquiries, namely: the Trustee, the trustee’s representative, and the professionals in charge of the trust, must maintain their duty of professional confidentiality as stated by law.


Trust Assets

Assets consigned as part of a trust represent an estate separate from the existing assets of the Trustee.

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